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A Circular Future with Plastics 2023

EuPC would like to thank all of you for your active participation during our 2023 conference in which we specially focused on the innovative power of our industry. The conference brought together representatives from the entire plastics value chain and was marked by lively debates and open exchanges about decarbonization, climate change and sustainability of plastics. We thank all speakers, media partners and sponsors for having supported the event: without their support, it could not have been such a success.

With nearly 50.000 converting companies in Europe, we are an important and indispensable part of the backbone of the European industry. EuPC welcomes and supports the transition into a stronger and more circular economy where all resources are used in a more sustainable way. We embrace such a circular economy where material choices are made on extended LCA’s and fact-based information. In Lyon, we discussed and agreed upon the need for transition to an even further circularity in our industry, without forgetting the challenges at end of life.

We will therefore intensify dialogues with public authorities and other stakeholders to close the landfills in Europe. Landfills are identified to be a major source of littering. Political decisions at European and Member States level are needed to close them and also to divert more waste streams from incineration and cement kilns to become available as valuable input for circularity. Increased high-quality mechanical recycling capacities and complementary upcoming chemical recycling solutions are needed to supply the high-quality raw materials needed for improved sustainability of the entire European industry.

Let’s put our priorities on continuing to work together towards a #circularfuturewithplastics.

📌 EuPC is looking forward to seeing you at “A Circular Future with Plastics 2024” in Brussels, on 11 & 12 June 2024. Save the date !

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